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practaSAGAR INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY SOFT COMPUTING PRACTICAL FILE (CS-801) Subject Guide: Submitted by: INDEX S.No. | List of Experiments | Signature | 1. | Implement Perceptron network with binary input and output. | | 2. | Using Madaline net, generate XOR function with bipolar inputs and targets. | | 3. |…show more content…
Program: /*BACK PROPAGATION NETWORK*/ #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<math.h> #include<stdlib.h> void main() {float v[2][4],w[4][1],vc[2][4],wc[4][1],de,del[4],bl,bia,bc[4],e=0; float x[4][2],t[4],zin[4],delin[4],yin=0,y,dy,dz[4],b[4],z[4],es,alp=0.02; int i,j,k=0,itr=0; v[0][0]=0.1970; v[0][1]=0.3191; v[0][2]=-0.1448; v[0][3]=0.3594; v[1][0]=0.3099; v[1][1]=0.1904; v[1][2]=-0.0347; v[1][3]=-0.4861; w[0][0]=0.4919; w[1][0]=-0.2913; w[2][0]=-0.3979; w[3][0]=0.3581; b[0]=-0.3378; b[1]=0.2771; b[2]=0.2859; b[3]=-0.3329; bl=-0.141; x[0][0]=-1; x[0][1]=-1; x[1][0]=-1; x[1][1]=1; x[2][0]=1; x[2][1]=-1; x[3][0]=1; x[3][1]=1; t[0]=0; t[1]=1; t[2]=1; t[3]=0; clrscr(); for(itr=0;itr<=387;itr++) {e=0; es=0; for(i=0;i<=3;i++) {do { for(j=0;j<=1;j++) {zin[k]+=x[i][j]*v[j][k];} zin[k]+=b[k]; k+=1; }while(k<=4); for(j=0;j<=3;j++) {z[j]=(1-exp(-zin[j]))/(1+exp(-zin[j])); dz[j]=((1+z[j])*(1-z[j]))*0.5;} for(j=0;j<=3;j++) {yin+=z[j]*w[j][0];}
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