Soft Skills: An Essential in the 21st Century Managers' Toolkit

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word count: 2 316 Discuss the ‘people skills’ or ‘soft skills’ required in the 21 st century managers’ essential toolkit. This essay offers a suggestion of changes that occurred in the business environment of the 21st century and what they were driven by. It looks at why managerial 'soft ' skills gain more attention nowadays and provides challenges modern managers might face in the near future. It then offers various personal qualities a successful manager should possess in order to be a leading force within her organisation, dissecting each of the chosen 'people ' skills via providing theoretical background and real-life examples. It does not draw an exact line between old and newborn attributes, as all in all these have…show more content…
This poses new questions and demands innovative solutions to how to become an effective 21 st century manager. Such changes also challenge organisations to adapt the way work is done and moreover demand traditional managers to evolve in order to succeed. Management approaches that were successful in the past might not work in the future. Technical skills and self-mastery still allow a manager to be an outstanding individual contributor within an organisation. But to lead and manage within a collaborative flatter hierarchy environment, one needs additional interpersonal skills (Boyatzis and Goleman, 2008), which become of paramount importance. Business has become much more culturally diverse as well, challenging managers to understand different communication habits of different cultures. Lewis shows how impressively diverse business talks can be performed within selected cultures and in order to be successful, modern managers must know how to use their own communication styles and adapt them to particular cultures (cited in Lubin, 2014). Being able to work well with and motivate others from outside one 's own culture and geographical location becomes an essential asset. The ease of learning about other people with similar professional interests offers a way to convince a much larger group to collaborate on the company 's agenda, giving managers space to look for ideas outside of the work space, therefore the ability to convince and bring people along

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