Soft Skills Research Paper

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Imagine Eduardo, an 18 year old high school graduate with a 3.7 GPA that has an impressive resume. He got into all the colleges he applied to and wants to get a summer job. He emails his resumes to a few companies and gets interviews for each of them, but he never gets hired. Why not? There is a huge gap in his education and he doesn't even know it. He lacks soft-skills like leadership and communication skills.

At the Margarita Muniz Academy we have a grading system called RAICES (the Spanish word for “roots”) that take soft skills into account. RAICES stands for responsibility, advocacy, integrity, compassion, excellence and stretching and each category is graded on a scale of 1 to 4. For example, students get the opportunity to be a part
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This shows students the meaning of excellence because working hard for something and being persistent is very important. Products and performance that demonstrate mastery of learning targets and crew are a way our schools practices teaching soft skills because it teaches students how to set goals, deal with failure, communicate effectively, and make good decisions. There is a lot more to school than learning how to read, write and do…show more content…
I applied to Victoria's Secret knowing the appropriate skills that would help me get the job. When I first walked in I had a positive attitude and was very engaged. Having good grades and knowing how to find the derivative of f(x) was not be the only reason I got hired.. Victoria Secret is based on teamwork, communication and sales! Some of the soft skills that I Needed to get hired and stay in that position was time management and teamwork and collaboration.. Not being aware of the importance of soft skills during high school years can affect people when graduating.

Kyle Hartung, a graduate from Harvard School of Education and who also started getting involved in an organization named Jobs for the future. During an interview I had with Hartung, he talked about the importance of soft because they are skills that help people how to efficiently communicate our ability to be leaders and it also provides real authentic opportunities for students to do things that really require them to collaborate with
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