Soft Tissue Repair Case Study

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Soft Tissue Repair Case Study: The Four Phase of Soft Tissue Healing and Therapeutic Interventions that can be used to Aid Progression of Repair.
In this essay we will discuss the four different phases of the soft tissue healing process and also explain all the components of each particular phase and how it functions. This will also include sport therapeutic interventions that may contribute to the healing process and that may maximise healing of soft tissue.
First Phase – Bleeding
This particular phase is immediate and depending on the vascularity of the tissue that is damaged although it only happens during the first few hours as demonstrated by (Watson, 2006) in this illustration of the length of each phase. >
The bleeding occurs following trauma to the tissue this could be an overload of a tissue or even external force. One of the bodies first initial haemodynamic responses to bleeding is vasoconstriction which narrows the blood vessels causing decreased blood velocity, in 2008 (Watson) states that this is due to the release of noradrenaline(norepinephrine); the reaction last lasts only a few seconds to a minute. It is also explained by (Terkeltaub & Ginsberg, 1988) that both lymphatic and blood vessels are plugged to limit any fluid loss and platelet, aggregation is stimulated by the presence of thrombin. Vasoconstriction responds primarily to haemostasis which is a response to prevent blood loss and a platelet plug is formed to support the prevention of excessive
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