Soft and Hard Hr

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1. (A) Soft HR treats employees as the most important resource in the business and a source of competitive advantage Employees are treated as individuals and their needs are planned accordingly whereas hard HR treats employees simply as a resource of the business like machinery and buildings. • Soft HR concentrates on the needs of employees; their roles, rewards, motivation where as hard HR identifies workforce needs of the business and recruits and manages accordingly. • Soft HR Strategic focus on longer-term workforce planning whereas hard HR Short-term changes in employee numbers that is recruitment and redundancy. • Soft HR encourages strong and regular two-way communication whereas hard HR has minimal communication, …show more content…
Logistics, Sales, Production and Research and Development are examples of Line divisions.
Staff divisions are ones that support and control the execution of these business activities, but take no direct part in their supply. Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology and Finance are typical examples of Staff divisions. • At line levels the HR activities involve interpreting policies and procedure whereas at staff levels create the policies and procedures. • The HR activities at line levels involve controlling labour costs whereas the staff levels support and control execution of these business. • The HR function of developing employee skills level necessary for production at line level does not apply to staff levels who do not take part in supply. • The HR function of creating and maintaining departmental morale does not apply at staff levels that are in different departments. • The HR function of recruiting requires the involvement of line level manager at line level due to the specific skills required whereas at staff levels the managers only need
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