Softball Drill Research Paper

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Every softball player wants to become good in their chosen sport. That is always their aim. They want to be the best player so that they can be recognized not only by their coach, their teammates, their opponents, but also by their audiences.
But then in order for the people to recognized a player he must first increase and develop his skills and abilities. The road to success is not that easy. Before being a very good player, one should undergo a lot of constant training. You should prepare yourself not only physically but also mentally. Because in playing softball you will not only use your physical strength, it is a necessity to use your brain as well. You should have sufficient knowledge about the different softball drills that will increase
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You can also increase your softball skills by learning how to anticipate the future movement, actions, and decisions of your opponents. You must learn to realize how they move and create two to three back up plans in case something goes wrong.
This article supplies you some of the basic softball drills that will help you increase your skills in playing the softball.
• Throwing Drill. The throw must be out of reach of the intended player on purpose making the other position player who should be backing up to get the ball. They then overthrow the ball to another position allowing another backup to take place.
• Pressure Situation Relay Drill. This softball drill teaches the player to move in a pressure situation.
• Throwing and Batting Drill. A good softball batting drill is to have the batter stand facing or parallel to the backstop and then tries to get 1 bat length away from the fence. Then the batter swings without hitting the fence. Next, turn the batter so that he is perpendicular to the
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This develops the basic skills you will value throughout the season such as powers, bat speed, follow through and hand-eye coordination.
• Break and Throw Drill. This drill involves every player. It teaches the two basic skills: throwing and

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