Softball For Many People Is The Way Of Life, We Eat, Sleep, And Play Softball

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Softball for many people is the way of life, we eat, sleep, and play softball. Softball is a great sport for a lot of girls that want to be active and even stay out of trouble. Softball can be great for starting conversation because on the field you always have to talk, so your teammates now what is going on and where everyone is on the field. But when you play softball you always have a rush of enjoyment, and nerves. Softball shows friendship by how the team comes together, we laugh, smile, and joke around all the time. Softball without friendship is almost like you are going into a war zone. Sometimes a team full of friendships, is a team that’s not ready for big the big game, or a team that will be ready ever second for anything that could happen. A team like this will help each other improve on the simple things, like the perfect swing, or the perfect play. Friendship can win championships, because everyone knows what your strong point is, and talk to you when you aren’t trying that hard. And when you know how to talk with everyone they will soon find out how important this is for everyone. And want to help win the championship for the ones that want it most. At the end of each day its more than a friendship, it’s more like a family. Everyone comes together at the end of the season, it sad to see the good players go. And even after the season is over everyone will still talk about next year’s season. It’s the best family that anyone could ask for. Teamwork in

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