Softball Isn’T An Easy Game And Many People Make It Sound

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Softball isn’t an easy game and many people make it sound very informal. But what most people don’t understand is that this sport isn’t just a game where players run from base to base. The sports requires mental thoughts and training through the athletes’ minds when doing so. Many people know that physical training for sports such as softball exist, but what most do not recognize is the mental condition required to comprehend the game and how the training makes athletes beyond equipped. Mental conditioning can be one of the most essential traits in a sports performance. Cain is a mental conditioning coach that has written many books about peak performance and how to incorporate mental conditioning into the game (1-374). Cain basically…show more content…
Gordon learned though conditioning that she can be comfortable being uncomfortable and can control what she can control. She said that she can only control herself and having a strong mentality on the field will help her fundamentally. Then there would be nothing there to make her successful (Gordon). Conditioning the mind makes it much easier to comprehend what’s going on in life and on the field. Everyone gets stressed out, especially when playing in softball. There is so much to think about in the present moment in time. Before every game, Gordon would become nervous. She claimed that “there was never a time I wasn’t nervous before a game, especially my districts game my senior year” (Gordon). One thing that Gordon could have done is The 5-4-3-2-1 Technique from the Mental Conditioning Manual. The first thing that coaches do is read the script from the book. Putting the players in a quiet environment and have the players siting up straight with their hands on their laps and feet on the floor. Next they gently close their eyes as they inhale. The main focus is breathing steadily and deeply through their noses and exhaling through their lungs. Then the process begins where the coach says the number 5, let your muscles relax and let go. Then the number 4, then let your lower body muscles relax. Then the number 3, they let their lower back relax and let go and just breathe. Next 2, let your shoulders and biceps relax and just

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