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There has always been a stigma between boys and girls, between their love of the ball game. have you ever seen a professional baseball player try to hit off an Olympian softball pitcher it's crazy how similar the sport is, but crazy different the pitching styles are.

Boys pitch overhand because of the distance between the pitcher's mound and batter's box is much further away also because the baseball was created first and frankly this is the way it was done. Baseballs are much smaller and generate very fast speed.

Softball was created much later. Because of the size of the ball and being a more compact field, softball pitchers are closer. Don't let the distance fool you though. Science has shown, that softball pitchers create a more generated force than baseballs and pitchers.
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Not to mention softball pitchers lead off is much more powerful than a baseball is overhand.

Have you ever wondered if boy. play softball well they sure do, but it's usually a co-ed or men's, slow pitch league. Which is usually played in spring, summer, and fall league.

One thing I know for certain is that softball and baseball are very competitive. Though very similar, the pitching styles are much
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