Software And Software Engineering : Software

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Chapter 1
Software And Software Engineering

Chapter 1 is about a lot of various topics. It starts off with a comical story at the beginning telling the readers that "Software is dead" this is of course far from true. This is used as a way to capture the reader 's attention as well as describe how the history of software distribution has developed over time. The chapter proceeds to describe commonly asked questions of programmers like "Why does it take so long to get a software finished" or "Why are development costs so high?". Moving onward the book not only defines the word, software, in the literal textbook sense but also proceeds to contrast it from hardware by identifying it as a logical element and gives a list of characteristic differences of the two. The three characteristics it lists are how software is developed, how software ages, and how it is custom built unlike most of the things in the world. Next the text proceeds to list 7 categories that challenge today 's software engineers such as system software, web applications, artificial intelligence software, and others. The book goes on to say that a some of the challenges are being built on new systems but many already exist and must be changed and/or adapted to fit the ever-changing needs of the world and society. Then the text describes new challenges that have yet to be tackled completely like open-world computing, netsourcing, and open source projects. Then there is a short mention of legacy…
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