Software Architecture Vision : Gaming Essay

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Software Architecture Vision

Gaming In The Marketplace
According to Versace (2014), the Internet of the Twenty-First Century has opened up a whole new and exciting way for how one does business. With this paradigm shift of doing things differently, the effects are moving through “several business models forcing companies to adapt or be left behind” (Versace, 2014, p. 1). The expansion of the Internet and technological industry has no boundaries and caters to all ages. Versace (2014) stated, “several industries that have only just starting embracing the Internet, and one of them is the gambling and casino industry:” (para. 3). The online gaming business or iGaming, “has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business, particularly in Europe,” (Versace, 2008).
The following statistics (2016) reported are:
In 2016, the US games market will be worth $23.6 billion, with 179 million people playing games – 61% of the online population. Almost 60% of US gamers pay for games, spending an average of $224 a year. Console gaming is by far the biggest segment in the US, with revenues of $11.4 billion in 2016. The US mobile games market will reach $6.8 billion with the PC market generating $5.4 billion.
("Newzoo Infographics", 2016)

Possibilities of Fantasy Games with New Software Architecture
The possibilities for designing a new game is positive. The online gaming industry continues to progress. For example, Harris (2014) indicated, “Free game distribution provides a
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