Software Architecture and Software Design

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A software design must be produced to support a number of self-service stations for a small supermarket (stand-alone, not part of a national chain). This will involve interaction with various hardware devices, the main aim is to design and evaluate a suitable architecture and at least a simple demonstration mock-up of the system should be implemented.

The aims and business drivers of the project are to:
• Develop a self service system that is safe and usable using
• Incorporate & process customer payment
• Determine how the system will interact with various hardware devices
• Use the multi-tier structure for the system’s architecture
2. Overview of software architecture
To date the term software architecture is not precisely defined or agreed upon due to the various conceptions and theories of the term.
According to Wikipedia (2014) software architecture is the design and construction of software, it specifies the set of structures that are used to encapsulate & describe a software system. Software architecture is a set of architectural design decisions, furthermore it is also specified by the set of principles and practises that are used to document and design a system, documentation is used for software architecture to capture design decisions in regards to the high level design and to allow for the reuse of design components between projects.
Software architecture is concerned with the software elements that make up a
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