Software As A Service ( Saas )

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Abstract. Software-as-a service (SaaS) is becoming popular in the modern era of cloud computing. Most of the organizations prefer to use SaaS instead of on premise software applications. This brings the responsibility of supporting a large number of tenants by the software vendor. A good approach for handling multiple tenants is to implement multi-tenant architecture for SaaS. Multi-tenant SaaS application will run a single instance of the application for all the users while providing enough customization options to tenants so that they feel like they are working on a dedicated application. Nevertheless, implementing the multi-tenant architecture effectively is a complex task as a lot of challenges and implications are involved in the…show more content…
The benefits of SaaS that make it popular are as follows: No additional hardware costs: the processing power required to run the applica-tions is supplied by the cloud provider. No initial setup costs: applications are ready to use once the user subscribes. Pay for what you use: if a piece of software is only needed for a limited period then it is only paid for over that period and subscriptions can usually be halted at any time. Usage is scalable: if a user decides they need more storage or additional services, for example, then they can access these on demand without needing to install new software or hardware. Updates are automated: whenever there is an update it is available online to ex-isting customers, often free of charge. No new software will be required as it often is with other types of applications and the updates will usually be deployed automatically by the cloud provider. Cross device compatibility: SaaS applications can be accessed via any internet enabled device, which makes it ideal for those who use a number of different devices, such as internet enabled phones and tablets, and those who don’t always use the same computer. Accessible from any location: rather than being restricted to installations on indi-vidual computers, an application can be accessed from anywhere with an internet enabled device [15]. To get the maximum out of SaaS, another emerging characteristic called multi-tenancy is needed to be
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