Software Assignment: Complete SSS Software In-Basket Case Essay

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SSS software Assignment

1. Complete SSS Software In-Basket Case found at the end of the introduction

* Set aside two hours for this task * There are 17 items to consider * Write up each of your decisions for each of the items—see form on page 32. * Upload your answers to Blackboard by Thursday, September 6th * The case will be discussed in the WIMBA Session on the 6th of September.

You can type your answers on this sheet and just upload this sheet

Item #1: Email response to all employees


Thank you Roger for the introduction and for giving me the opportunity of becoming the VP of Operations for Health and Financial Services. I look forward to working with all of you in the
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If Jim Bishop is asking for too much above and beyond the scope of work, we need to let him know. If jose is streched too thin please try to give him the support he needs.

Chris Perillo

Item #14: No reponse untill a return from Paris

Item #15: Email and set up meeting


I am going to set up a meeting with all the Managers regarding the Tanzania project when I get back from Paris . Paula also set me a report on each manager, to get a better feel for their pros and cons. The report also contains personal information, since there will be a lot of traveling I will see what managers do not have kids or family oblagations. I will analysis all this information and pick the four managers that will sucessfully complete the job. I will keep you updated when the meeting is over and who I believe the top four managers will be to head this job.

Chris Perillo

Note to self: Call Paula and have her set up a meeting with all the manager when I get back from Paris

Item#16: Email reponse


Thanks for the updated please let me know the outcome of the meeting.

Thanks again,
Chris Perillo

Item#17: No reponse review information

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