Software Configuration Management For The Net Promoter Score Software Application

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Introduction This Software Configuration Management (SCM) Plan addresses configuration management for the Net promoter Score software application. The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines for this project that all participants should abide by. This plan addresses policies and procedures for versioning, audits, documentation, release control, and maintenance. This SCM Plan defines the configuration management policies and procedures required for the Net Promoter Score application. This application is intended to survey and capture user feedback from and about the host application. 2. Configuration Management The following are the roles and and their responsibilities for this project: Project Manager Establish the schedule for the project and associated activities Align with the Configuration Manager to ensure adherence to this plan Ensure compliance with the rules and regulations contained in this SCM plan Keep the project on track and moving forward towards release Configuration Manager Maintain and update SCM plan as needed Align with Project Manger to keep project within the rules of this SCM plan Identify configuration items to be managed Manage this SCM plan, create new items, and maintain standards Oversee training of team members with concern to their participation and this plan Participate on the configuration control board and process changes from board decisions Control Board Oversee changes to the existing plan and approve any changes that
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