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Abstract Software defined networking is a new concept that redefined the current network device architecture and the way they behave. Due to the exponential growth of the Internet and services attached to this worldwide infrastructure, a number of issues have cropped up in modern day networks. This paper discusses a few of these limitations and how the software defined networking approach tries to alleviate them. OpenFlow, released in the year 2008, is a commercially viable implementation of this concept that is being well received by the networking industry at large. The paper also discusses the OpenFlow protocol, its implementation and the challenges facing its widespread acceptance 1. Introduction…show more content…
This is because, to implement any change to the network policies, the network engineers have to reconfigure each device individually to ensure a consistent set of access, security and QoS parameters. Further, with the evolution of Internet and enterprise data centers, the nature of data circulating on the Internet has also undergone a tremendous change. Data transfer in the form of video and audio is increasing at a tremendous pace[2]. Moreover, different sources of data (e.g.- mobile, tablet PCs) have placed considerable pressure on modern networks. The current capacities of network switches do not support the transfer of these mass amounts of data. Moreover, with advent of social media, amount of data generated on websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn has reached humungous levels. As this demand for dynamic and unpredictable data grows, more and more devices have to be added to existing networks and configured accordingly. The need of the hour is to regulate networks centrally and as a whole rather than configure individual network devices and gain more control to achieve flexibility in existing networks. 3. Software Defined Networking Software defined networking is a concept born out of the need to control network devices centrally, wherein the service offered by a device is decoupled from the device in a way that
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