Software Design Of A Computer Based System

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A key requirement of the software design of a computer-based system is to transform basic requirements into an architecture that describes the software 's top-level structure and identifies its components. Accomplishment of this requirement is through architectural design, providing a blueprint for developing the framework of the software (Mattsson, Lundell, Lings, & Fitzgerald, 2009). The establishment of the framework involves examining the software requirements document and designing a model for providing necessary implementation details. The details specify components of the system along with all inputs, outputs, functions, and the interactions between the components. This paper includes a description of the architectural design of a computer-based system that has transform characteristics, and includes a data flow diagram with process narrative, and evaluation of the architectural design. Further, an assessment of the structuring requirements associated with software architecture is included.
Architectural Design & Structure An architectural design performs key functions, and is of crucial importance in software engineering during the phase of software development where the essential requirements of reliability, cost, and performance are determined. Architectural design provides the definition of the abstraction level at which the software design specifies both the functional and performance behaviors of the system, and the guidelines for enhancing the system by…
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