Software Developing For A Health Data Analytics System

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Software Developing for a Health Data Analytics System This essay will demonstrate the different stages and methods required to construct a software system for a health care analytics system. This system must be able to take an input of patient’s data and be able to give an accurate output for the method of treatment, this will support an expert’s final decision. “These real-time systems are active knowledge systems, which use two or more items of patient data to generate case-specific advice.” The development of software is formulated in several stages this includes: Requirements, software design, implementation, testing and integration and the operation and maintenance. The first stage in developing this software is the requirements…show more content…
Other issues must be brought into consideration such as: How large will the networked system be? Who will use the system? Many questions like these must be addressed to collect information about how we will answer these questions we can investigate the current system using multiple collection methods. A questionnaire could be produced to quiz current staff about how effective the current system’s features are, and we could ask for the flaws in the current system to ensure the new health care analytics system fixes these problems. Another method of investigation is to look at staff logs and work patterns so we can adapt our system around how the doctors work. From all of the information we collect from monitoring the users we must collate this to form a specification so that the developers of the system know what guidelines to work from. This will prevent any mistakes from being made and give a foundation for the structure of the system, more technical details such as the processing power and the network speeds will also need to be determined to find the correct hardware required so the company can be cost efficient. The next stage in the process is the software design phase, this is the part of the development where the software’s structure will be created in many aspects, here we will draw out the network and decide whether it will be a LAN (Local area network) or a WAN (Wide area network) this depends on if this system will be used over different branches of
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