Software Development: Lean + Agile = Results Essay

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Lean on Agile

In this competitive world of software development speed, accuracy and reliability play an important role during the development of a product. Traditional software development models like waterfall model lack these features which makes them not so feasible with the current scenario. The characteristics which traditional methods failed to address were achieved by agile methodologies, which are rapid, flexible, efficient and iterative. Lean, which was proven to be useful in the manufacturing industry is now has its applications even in software industry and is referred as Lean Software Development. Lean is known for its principles, which when applied optimizes the work. Both agile and lean have their own/individual set of
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1.1 Agile Software Development:[1]
Agile software development is defined as “set of methods that support incremental software development” [1]. Agility means responding to changes quickly and efficiently, flexible production system. Possible changes required in software projects are in requirements, budget, schedule, resources, technology and team. For successful software these changes should be reflected in the product. The term agile software development and the agile golden principles were defined in agile alliance meeting in 2001.
1.1.1 Characteristics of agile:
Incremental, Cooperative, Adaptive, Iterative, Concurrent Phase development, Minimal Documentation .
1.2 Lean Software Development:
Lean Software Development (LSD) is the application of lean principles to software development.
It is more a set of guidelines than a formal methodology. It was introduced by **Toyota systems , a leading automobile manufacturing organization. Although it originated in automobile manufacturing systems it is now used in software development successfully. The primary focus of lean is continuous improvement and flow of the value from the inception of the idea all the way to the customer.

With the introduction of principles of lean in to the software development, there has been a
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