Software Development Methodologies For Software Engineering

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Software development methodologies A software development methodology in software engineering is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system. A wide variety of such frameworks have evolved over the years, each with its own recognized strengths and weaknesses. One software developing methodology will not suit all projects requirements, and best suited should be chosen based on various technical, organizational, project and team considerations. Most methodologies share some combination of the following stages of software development: Analyzing the problem Market research Gathering requirements for the proposed business solution Plan and design the software-based solution Implementation (coding) of the software Testing the software Deployment Maintenance and bug fixing. The goal of this section is to conduct overview of the most widely used software development methodologies. Waterfall methodology The traditional approach to software development can be illustrated through the waterfall model which is time tested and easy to understand. The waterfall model approaches software development in sequential manner, completing one activity before the other. It brakes up project in stages: requirement analysis, design, coding and testing, operation and maintenance (see fig. 1 below). Fig. 1: The phases of a Waterfall Model Each stage have goals to meet and once it is completed then next stage takes place and

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