Software Development Plan

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Executive Summary Software Development Plan The aim of this project is to provide with a system that assists in smooth flow of information and makes communication easier across the departments, employees, the system itself and the external healthcare system. It will only include the primary health care information such as details of patients, their treatments, expenses and reimbursements, third party payers, hospital staff, clinical transactions, equipments, assessments etc. The software is going to be Electronic Medical record (EMR), a database that will record and generate the information about patients' medication and treatment whenever a patient receives a medication, so as to make the medication schedule and plan more efficient and error free. The software can either be integrated with the pharmacy information system or can be launched as a standalone application. Major deliverables include eliminating the risk of discrepancies, updating old data, entering new data, refilling existing prescriptions and ensuring the security of the database system. Moreover, changes in the patients condition will have to be accounted for timely so that accuracy in medical prescriptions can be ensured. A proper firewall system must be in place so and besides ensuring security and eliminating intrusion threats, it must also be ensured that the privacy and confidentiality of all details pertaining to patients and hospital particulars (Federman, 2006). The first step towards
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