Software Development Project Methodologies For Developing A Software Or System

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Software Development Project Methodologies 1, Discuss Software Development Methodologies in general - what is a Methodology, why are methodologies used? Software Development Methodology is a process of project to develop a software or system to improve its quality. Instead of focusing on coding the software or system (technical part), it will emphasize how to develop the software or system (organizational part). Software Development Methodology will be used to get requirement, plan the project, and control the progress of…show more content…
As the result, there is no turning back and it might cause huge changes of the process. Weaknesses: However, there are lots of weaknesses for Waterfall during development. The Waterfall model is not flexible and it’s too slow and costly because of the process cannot be changed and need to ensure each step finish before move to next one. Because of this structure, the process cannot move backward and relay on the design and documentation in the beginning, for example, it will be difficult and might need to start from beginning again if clients want to change their requirements. During the development, there will be no test for the program (only basic test) so some bugs or problems can’t be found until system test step and they need to fix the bugs and problems based on capacity. It wastes lots of time to update all documentation, in addition, some specifications will be difficult for users to read and understand. In short, Waterfall can work well when everything is following the plan because the model rely on all specification and documentation which finished before implement it, in another word, it’s easy to cause a failure or over budget because of changing requirements. 3,
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