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Abstract— agile software development plays a very significant role in software projects. Agile software project is a refined approach to design and direct project processes. An agile project is finished in short sections called iterations. This paper introduces a survey of machine learning approaches for predicting failure of agile software projects. It reviews the uses of machine learning techniques such as fuzzy logic, multiple linear regression, neural network, logistic regression and etc., for predicting success and failure of agile software projects. This paper also proposes machine learning model for predicting failure of agile software projects. Many researches in this topic were reviewed, analyzed, summarized, and compared…show more content…
The income indicates to the incremental quality of agile development enabling to be achieved early as the product continues to improve. The agile lifecycle based on experiment operation, which cause the good performance. The visibility indicates to support the product development. This provides efficient vision for key users. Risk management, a short incremental releases are visual to the product holder and product team through its development which help us to select any problems early and make it easier to reply to alteration. Agility indicates to admit the alterations, client satisfaction, creating the suitable product [6, 8]. There are agile methodologies: feature driven development, Extreme programming, rational unified process, animated systems development, scrum and Adaptive software development [9]. There are many reasons that lead to fail of agile software projects such as weak project planning, scanty communication between teams and customers, lack of alteration, monetary management, and quality management, ineffectual participation of implement management, lack of qualified team members, ability to adapt, and using wrong methodology and tools [10]. According to CHAOS report, there are three types of software projects as follow: - Large size software projects - Medium size software projects - Small size software
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