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CLASS ASSIGNMENTS AND GRADING Studying strategy relies on interactive discussion and debate. Reading assignments provide a basis for both lectures and discussions and should be completed prior to each class session. The focus of your evaluation, however, will be your in-class performance. You should come to class prepared to summarize main points and apply the readings to in-class exercises and analyses. In addition, you should be willing to brainstorm based on your own ideas and prior experience to add value to the class discussion. Specifically, there are five components to the grade you will receive in this class. There is a mix of individual- and team-based, oral and written exercises, which provides flexibility for students with different strengths. Each component is weighted according to its importance within the structure of the course: Class participation: This is an intensive, active learning course that requires your participation in class discussions, case analyses, group projects, and presentations. We will not have a formal mid-term or final exam. My goal, instead, is to encourage your consistent effort throughout the entire semester—an effort that will be reflected in your final grade. Your class participation will be evaluated in each class in relation to two main components—class discussion and class attendance: - Class discussion will be evaluated in
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