Software Engineering And Software Development

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INTRODUCTION: Software has been part of modern society for more than 50 years. The software process is the foundation for engineering software. Within the context of his book, Pressman defines “A software process as a framework for the tasks that are required to build high-quality software.” [1]. This paper introduces and discusses some of the Software methodologies and issues. METHODOLOGIES RELATED TO WEB DEVELOPMENT: In Software Engineering, a software development methodology is a division of software development work into different phases with the purpose of better planning and management. The methodologies may include pre-definition of…show more content…
The Agile method breakdowns the project into different phases for web development it includes Ideation, Content, Functional Prototype and Graphic Design. During the Ideation phase, the purpose and basic information architecture of website is decided, it can be achieved through developing new ideas and workshops and the result can be in the form of descriptive Text or sketches [3]. Using this information the content was created and the closer the content is to being finalized it is easier for the interaction and graphic designer. The functional prototype is created on the same platform that the final product will be developed in and ready to use. When the work with the functional prototype is completed it’s used as architecture for the graphic design. It’s very important not to secure any design decisions just because the design has to work with the content and client experience [3]. Once the prototype have been completed we generally have a completed website, it’s simply a matter of correcting the content, page structure and user experience. Now it also the time to test the website in all supporting browsers and platforms to make sure that it works as expected [3]. ISSUES WITH THE AGILE METHODLOGY: The Agile projects have smaller planning horizon there is always a chance that initial project cost and effort may not be correct this might results multiple changes to project estimation. Unless
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