Software Engineering : Computer Software

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CS 2401: Software Engineering 1 University of the People Term 2 (2016-2017) November 15/2016

1. As software becomes more pervasive, risks to the public become an increasingly significant concern. In your own words, develop a realistic scenario where the failure of software could do great harm to humans (economically or otherwise).
As we recognized and questioned of the first report that has remained and informed during the periods of existence computer software system, the uncertainties of software was too much articulated from the history perspective but the reality is no serious action taken and as a result of today the Software system shifts further pervasive, jeopardizes to the society furthermore an increasingly notable concern in any course of human experience we never exercise, due to the unlimited Computer software system. It is a consequential and dangerous concern for the human living since computer system or technological rise and displays a driving power including it is the generator of every viewpoint that forces direction decision-making. it’s serves essentially the groundwork for advanced precise examination and implementing problem-solving. It remains a fundamental determinant to everything whether economically or other it so changes new or transforming of the outcomes and Services and is installed into systems of all kinds such as transit,
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