Software Engineering : Cycle Software Development

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Introduction 2
Implicit Definition Software 4
Cycle Software Development - Software Engineering 6
Software Requirements 8
Software Design 9
Software Construction 9
Software Testing 10
Software Maintence 10
Gamification 10
Understanding Gamification 10
Gamifiation x Software Development 12
Conclusion 15

Nowadays, the world is completely connected and independently of geographic position ou size, companies are influenced by situations that occur in other continents or countries. As a result, if companies want to a highligh position, inovation and new businesses models are required, especially if the objective is improve the brand and conquer the loyality of customers. Because this, many organizations find by new techniques to differentiate them from other companies. One new and important technique that has been highlighted in the last years is a metodology named ‘Gamification’, a technique that uses methods of games in job activities.
According to a research report conducted in 2011 (Laurence, 2011), Gartner (consulting firm focusing on processes of decision making) predicted that by the year 2015 more than half of organizations working with innovative methods will require methods of games in their internal processes. Consequently, a significant number of companies in the world will be using at least one application with features derived from games in the conduct of its business. This tendency to employ a mechanical interaction between people and…
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