Software Engineering Frameworks And Methodologies

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Software Engineering

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Software Engineering Frameworks and Methodologies

Damancharla Harini

1. Introduction:
Describing software engineering can be a quite challenging task based on the purpose of the definition and the anticipated beneficiaries. Discussing about frameworks and methodologies in software engineering can be somewhat difficult under whatever circumstances because of various ways in which the issues regarding frameworks, processes and methodologies have been handled. This paper explains software engineering frameworks and methodologies and the topics related to them. The main purpose of this paper is to add more understanding in the field of software engineering frameworks and methodologies.
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Unified Process Framework:
The Unified Process fits the wide-ranging definition of a process. It is nothing but a set of activities that a software team performs in order to renovate a set of customer requirements into a software system. Still, the Unified Process is also a generic process framework that people can adapt by adding and removing activities based on the specific requirements and existing resources for a project.

3.2. Agile Framework:
Agile software development is a conceptual framework used for undertaking software engineering projects. There are various agile software development methodologies like Crystal Methods, Dynamic Systems Development Model (DSDM), and Scrum.
Most of the agile methods try to reduce risk by developing software in short time boxes, known as iterations, which usually last for one to four weeks. Each iteration is like a mini software project of its specific, and contains all the tasks required to release the mini-increment of new functionality: planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and documentation. Whereas iteration won’t be adding required functionality to permit releasing the product, an agile software project anticipates to be able to release new software by the end of each iteration. At the end of each iteration, the team reassesses project
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