Software Engineering Issues For Mobile Applications

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Software Engineering Issues for Mobile Applications Department of Computer Information Systems Colorado State University Abstract: The uses of mobile applications are increasing rapidly, so there raises a question whether they need any specific testing and validation? In this paper we proposed our view by researching on three main checkpoints of mobile application development and they are How mobile applications are different from traditional ones and whether they require different and specialized new testing techniques, secondly the new challenges and research directions on testing mobile applications and what role automation may play in testing mobile applications? Our research is based on the latest mobile applications development and testing methods that are currently being applied in the industry. I. INTRODUCTION Mobile applications are considered as one of the most important enterprise application decisions for businesses today. The history of the mobile app begins, obviously, with the history of the mobile device and the first mobile phones only had the basic of software to send and receive voice calls. Marketing, IT and business managers are looking for expertise in mobile devices to grow sales and increase their customer base. In three years, over 300,000 mobile applications have been developed, they have been downloaded 10.9 billion times in 2010 with a forecast of 29 billion
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