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Table of Contents
1. Introduction 2. Chapter1 - History of software engineering & software Engineering as a Profession 3. Chapter2 - Software design & Modeling languages for software design 4. Chapter3 - Software development & Software Testing 5. Chapter4 - Software development process, Computer-aided Software engineering Software quality

Introduction Software engineering

The new Airbus A380 uses a substantial amount of software to create a "paperless" cockpit. Software engineering successfully maps and plans the millions of lines of code
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Cost of hardware: The relative cost of software versus hardware has changed substantially over the last 50 years. When mainframes were expensive and required large support staffs, the few organizations buying them also had the resources to fund large, expensive custom software engineering projects. Computers are now much more numerous and much more powerful, which has several effects on software. The larger market can support large projects to create commercial off the shelf software, as done by companies such as Microsoft. The cheap machines allow each programmer to have a terminal capable of fairly rapid compilation. The programs in question can use techniques such as garbage collection, which make them easier and faster for the programmer to write. On the other hand, many fewer organizations are interested in employing programmers for large custom software projects, instead using commercial off the shelf software as much as possible.

The Pioneering Era
The most important development was that new computers were coming out almost every year or two, rendering existing ones obsolete. Software people had to rewrite all their programs to run on these new machines. Programmers did not have computers on their desks and had to go to the "machine room". Jobs were run by signing up for machine time or by operational staff. Jobs were run by putting punched cards for input into the machine 's card reader and waiting for results to come back on the
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