Software Houses Use Agile Development

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Most of software houses use agile development methodologies such as XP and scrum to enhance its product quality, increase communication between teams, release products in short time and to participate its clients in software development life cycle. There are many problems usually occur, first problem the time spent between development of the software and to make it operational. Second problem is the difference between environments. There are two different environments; development environment is the first environment which is used to develop, build and deploy the software in development life cycle. This environment has no constrains. On the other hand, operation environment, which is usually called production environment. In operation…show more content…
These enhancements aim to decrease time of software life cycle. Additionally, it aims to increase productivity and quality of software. Moreover, some researches introduce the idea of mixing two or three approaches together to enhance software lifecycle. Recently, a new approach called “DevOps” appeared in software engineering field. DevOps derived from Development and Operations. The main objective of DevOps is to resolve conflicts between teams and reduce time between software development and software delivery to customer. But there are differences between development environment and operation environment. Development environments are business driven, responsive to change and constantly updated. On the other hand, operation environment is procedure driven, controlled environment and stable. [1] DevOps challenge is to map between development and operation. The main challenge her is both of development and operation have a different environment. Whereas Development environment is changing environment, production environment is stable. The major challenge here is to deliver changes in stable environment without any kind of interruption. The key solution for this challenge is continuous integration [2]. DevOps is considered as an extension to agile methodologies [2]. Another view is that it is a separated method [1]. Table 1 shows the evolution of development methodologies and IT
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