Software Localization Strategies

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There are two possible strategies for software localization as:
2.1. For designing a new localized software product
This strategy based on designing and developing a software product according to specific culture from scratch. Developer can put every resources needed for localized software product in some type of resource repository. This repository may be Windows resource files, .NET assemble files, or a database. This resource repository is easily editable, and also eliminates the need for source code recompiling.
2.2. For localizing an already existing software product
Here it is assumed that the source code (in the source language) for the software product to be localized is already available. This strategy reuses the existing software product for the target locale. The localization tool explained in this paper is based on this strategy. Programmer has the code of notepad software (available in English) and this code pass as input test case to the tool.
Service oriented architecture is software architecture design pattern that provide application functionality as services, known as Service-orientation. Similar to cloud computing in SOA services are shared and there exists a cloud of services. Hence SOA based on the concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing used to describe a variety of different types of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication…
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