Essay on Software Piracy

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Software Piracy Software piracy has reached epidemic proportions worldwide! In no other medium or industry is the theft of intellectual property more rampant. According to the book, A Gift Of Fire, “Billions of dollars of software is copied illegally worldwide every year.” Being relatively new technologies, the software and internet industries have yet to create a good foundation for the deterrence of theft. But as the courts see more and more cases involving piracy and theft of software, we are happily seeing a trend towards the judicial intolerance of such crimes. Our lawmakers are also jumping on the bandwagon, with legislation such as amendments to the copyright act and with pressure on foreign nations for stricter controls…show more content…
Software pirates are sometimes able to decipher these activation codes or find a way to hack around them, and then post this information to their warez sites. Still another way to obtain software without paying for it is to overuse the license. This primarily applies to businesses, large or small, that buy one copy of a software package with a license to use it on a specified amount of computers or with a specified amount of users. The theft occurs when the package is installed more times, or is used by more people, than the license allows.

Why Software Is Pirated As it has been said, ignorance is bliss. A good number of people are totally unaware they are stealing when it comes to software they have installed on their computer. Copyright laws can be quite confusing, and very few computer users actually read their software licenses so they may not even know that they are using certain programs illegally. Stealing software, at present, is extremely easy to get away with. No computer police are going to come knocking on your door searching for all the correct licensing. The inherent ease of piracy and the lack of authorities ability to enforce laws are a temptation that is just too great for some people to withstand. What makes it even easier on the conscience is that it seems like “everyone is doing it”. A Gift Of Fire tells us, “People ignore laws they consider unreasonable, especially if many others do so as
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