Software Project Management Quiz Questions

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IT 2123 - Pre-Quiz Chapters 3 & 4

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. JWD Consulting’s core business goal is first presented in the ____ section of the business case.
|a. |Critical Assumption and Constraints |
|b. |Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement |
|c. |Introduction/Background |
|d. |Business Objective
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|50 |d. |150 |

____ 10. The main desired features of JWD’s new intranet are first listed in the ____ section of the business case.
|a. |Analysis of Options and Recommendation |
|b. |Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement |
|c. |Budget Estimate and Financial Analysis |
|d. |Preliminary Project Requirements |

____ 11. JWD’s team contract contains the following point: “Work together to create the project schedule and enter actuals into our enterprise-wide project management system by 4 p.m. every Friday.” Which section of the team contract does this point appear in?
|a. |Meeting Guidelines |c. |Participation |
|b. |Communication |d. |Problem Solving |

____ 12. Most systems analysts begin their careers as ____.
|a. |database administrators |c. |project
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