Software Quality Implementation For Quality Assessment

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ABSTRACT Software quality is one of the most important concerns of software industry. Software testing helps in measuring and verifying quality of a software product. There are several methodologies followed by testing process for quality assessment. Each methodology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Agile testing follows agile software development principles in which software is tested for performance issues. In this paper we analyze quality assurance using agile processes and will demonstration how agile process achieves software quality assessment. INTRODUCTION When selecting a software development methodology, priority should be given to customer satisfaction through timely and continuous delivery of software. Customers are…show more content…
Interacting directly with customers helps to understand customer’s need. Moreover, it can up bring success to the project. o Responding to Change Software project may have inevitable changes which have to be corrected. Such unexpected issues must be accommodated by the development process. Team members with diverse skillset and knowledge would be useful when developing software using agile. This whole team approach encourages effective and efficient team. It allows rapid project delivery. Project feedback is possible at early stages of software development lifecycle (Cockburn, Alistair, and Williams 2003). Therefore agile methodology is considered as cost as well as time effective. II. THE AGILE TECHNIQUES Most commonly used agile techniques are discussed here. Factors associated with them help us to make a choice between different agile techniques. Most commonly used agile techniques here: • Extreme Programming (XP) Key principles described by Extreme Programming (XP) are communication, simplicity, feedback, courage, and quality work (Beck 2000). Extreme programming practices can be followed only when team size is small. This is not suitable process for distributed teams. Project length is general short which is around 2 weeks. • Scrum Scrum technique does not provide any guidance how testing should be progressed. Hence scrum projects are usually divided into iterations also called as sprints. (Cervone 2011) Length of

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