Software Requirements : The Software

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Software requirements: • The software have a very user friendly interface. This will help the user make proper utilization of the software. • A proper debugging method must be set up so as to ensure the prevention of all bugs. The lesser amount of the bugs, the better & more efficient the software works. • The coding involved should be accurate and critical. It is because of the fact that when the software is on the verge of modification, it’ll be easy to finally work on the software. Software definitely requires improved security measures because it is the most vulnerable one among the three, and all the important data, work etc. is stored in database. Vulnerability: • The rival companies will eye on the product and try to implement reverse engineer it and develop something new. Thus, the technology once discovered should be patented and registered. • The product will face difficulty satisfying the customers in longer run. Threats : There are number of threats to the assets and policies in a web designing company. At this point there are many competitors in this field. Threats like social engineering, advance persistent threats, internal threats, BYOD threats, cloud security, HTML5 threat, botnets and precision targeted malware. The company will face serious trouble unless it takes up measures to counter the products by different companies in order to succeed. This will act as an opportunity once the company invests in the R&D (research and development) section of
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