Software Road : Order Fulfillment Process Essay

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1. ERP systems exist in order to maximize resources to produce high quality service or product, and to deliver value to the customer. Reducing cost, faster service to the customer, integrate different enterprise modules (accounting, HRM, logistics, sales, marketing) into one system, is what in the ideal world ERP would do. Instead of having all separate DB’s and applications, we can have them all integrated into one DB and one app, and have cross-functional transparency. There are certain dreams of ERP that when presented in the real world are not as ideal as they initially seem to be. I will further examine three dreams and present their current reality. Dream: Order fulfilment process (software road map for automating the different steps along the path to fulfilling it). Reality: People need to know more about different departments, Sales team needs to be businesspeople rather than only sales people, warehouse needs to update information online, because if they don’t, other departments will not be able to perform their job. It increases the accountability, responsibility and communication between different departments which just adds complexity to the work. Dream: It will increase the speed to customer, since all departments will be transparent, and people will do their job faster, therefore increase the speed of delivery to the customer. Reality: People don’t like to change. When installing software without changing the way people work, that software won’t bring any
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