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SOFTWARE SECURITY ASSIGNMENT Submitted by – Mukthadir H. Choudhury ASU Id: 1207597049 In-Class (74133) 1. Arizona State University has a campus-wide 802.1X wireless network. (a) Explain the authentication techniques used by ASU, if any. Solution: Arizona State University uses the authentication technique PEAP (MSCHAP v2). The authenticated technique based on Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2 is much more secure as it uses user credentials i.e. username and password which are stored in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) to authenticate all the wireless access clients instead of using user and computer certificates for client authentication. For e.g., if any student wants to log in to ASU wireless network from his device, he needs to submit his ASU username and password for authentication and after valid authentication only he can use the wireless network. (b) Is the ASU’s wireless service susceptible to packet sniffing? Provide justification for your answer. Solution: If we consider ASU_encrypted, then ASU’s wireless service is not susceptible to packet sniffing. We can prove this by using wireshark. If we run wireshark in our device when we are in ASU network and go to any website say and enter our login credentials and login in to the website and then check the data obtained during the login process in wireshark, we can find out that the userid and password are always

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