Software System Architecture Essay

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Software System Architecture Essay 03/04/2008 Once a business need is established, software system architecture is formulated to meet this business need. To properly formulate the software system architecture we must employ proven strategies, such as diagrams that illustrate the parts of the system and how they work together. These subsystems collaborate intelligently to support the functionality of the whole system. Project managers must be aware of the system architecture involved and how to manage the parts that make up the entire system. A good analogy for visualizing the software systems as subsystems is the manufacture of a successful bicycle line. This particular bicycle consists of many subsystems, such as the…show more content…
Each view provides a setting for addressing different quality issues” (Cantor, 2002). Use cases are used to describe a set of interactions between the system and the outside world. Use case diagrams are utilized to give the team a visual representation by using stick figure actors to represent the external entities, such as system users. The use cases are represented by ovals and a line drawn between the actor and the use case means that the case is used by the actor (see appendix, figure 1a). The set of use cases consist of the things the system must do to meet the needs of the actors as they use the system. This diagram shows how the actors may interact with the bicycle company’s database system. In addition to the use case diagram, the use case scenario diagram describes the steps of the interaction between the actor and the system. This diagram is setup in a table format with each row consisting of a step in the progression of the system interaction with the actor. The columns comprise the step number, actor interactions with the system, system scenarios caused by actor actions, and system constraints (see appendix, figure 1b). The logical view considers the structure of the system, in respect to objects in object oriented programming terms. For example, each object in the system has a class specification which consists of class attributes. Methods refer to
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