Software Testing : An Important Part Of Software Development

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Abstract Software testing is an important part of software development. In order to enhance the quality of the software, software testing has always been the crucial part in finding faults of a software.Software behaviour is always verified by a test oracle.The test oracle is a way to find the sucess and failure of a test. Test oracles provides a valid mechanisms to test the expected behaviour of any software against the input provided for the test in the software specification so that actual results can be verified.Test automation also requires automatic test oracles. Today major software testing activities are taken on cloud for several reasons such as cost, efficiency and saving time. This paper provides the test oracle process…show more content…
In order to reduce testing cost, time and resources test automation is applied.The automatic test case execution and verification of the results is called automated test oracle. To verify the expected outputs , test oracle is used.The test case results are verified by using test oracle. Manual testing is expensive and inefficient, automated testing and test oracles help in increasing efficiency as well as costs of the tests. Since automation testing is reliable form of testing a software but it does not provide complete test automation for all situations.This paper elaborates on the process of how test oracles are created as well as used and the challenges that hinder complete automation testing of the application. Cloud testing is a new type of software testing where any software application that is deployed on cloud can be tested easily on the cloud. The cloud environment provides infinite resources to test applications alongwith pay as you use.There are various cloud providers who offer testing services on the cloud so that testers can take full advantage of testing services and test the application exhaustively. Software testing lifecycle The software testing life cycle has various steps for completing a testing process. The software testing life cycle is as shown below: Figure: Software testing lifecycle The steps in software testing life cycle are : Identify
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