Software Testing : An Important Part Of Software Development

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Software testing is an important part of software development. In order to enhance the quality of the software, software testing has always been the crucial part in finding faults of a software.Software behaviour is always verified by a test oracle.The test oracle is a way to find the sucess and failure of a test. Test oracles provides a valid mechanisms to test the expected behaviour of any software against the input provided for the test in the software specification so that actual results can be verified.Test automation also requires automatic test oracles.

Today major software testing activities are taken on cloud for several reasons such as cost, efficiency and saving time. This paper provides the test oracle process
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Cloud testing is a new type of software testing where any software application that is deployed on cloud can be tested easily on the cloud. The cloud environment provides infinite resources to test applications alongwith pay as you use.There are various cloud providers who offer testing services on the cloud so that testers can take full advantage of testing services and test the application exhaustively.

Software testing lifecycle
The software testing life cycle has various steps for completing a testing process. The software testing life cycle is as shown below:

Figure: Software testing lifecycle

The steps in software testing life cycle are :
Identify Requirements: The testers analyze all the requirements with developers to determine which requirements are testable and how the requirements will be tested.This is a significant phase for testing since major test cases are developed to identify any discrepancies that will be encountered in the next phases.
Test Planning: A test plan is a major deliverable of the testing process in this phase. In this phase all the needs for testing, how testing will be done, test strategy, test environment,test methodology and hardware software availability is determined.This phase provide the test schedule
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