Software Testing For Software Development Lifecycle

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Abstract—At the end of 20th century software industry started booming. From then, not only it has never looked back, but it’s continuously growing at a very high rate. Customers always prefer quality software products and hence software quality is at the heart of any successful business that develops software. Software testing enables once to quantify the software quality and hence testing has become an integral and very important part of the software development life cycle. There’s this saying that “humans make mistakes all the time” which should enough to conclude that the software developed by humans needs to be tested of bugs and intended functionality to ensure a high quality product and hence Software Testing plays an important role…show more content…
A software tester’s job is to attempt to break the system in every possible way so that all faults will be detected, which will therefore increase the likelihood of delivering fault-free software to the customer.
This coursework familiarizes students with software testing tools and techniques such as unit testing frameworks, Design of Experiments, Regression Testing, Code Coverage analysis, Static code analysis and reliability testing.
To provide an overview of the various tools and techniques available for software testing, the coursework comprised of five assignments. Each assignment was to study, how to use an existing testing tool or technique to aid the process of verification and validation of the software.
The first assignment was based on Software Unit Testing Framework. To ease the process of writing tests most of the programming languages have their unit testing frameworks. For instance Junit, a go to the unit testing framework for Java, allows developers to write repeatable tests in Java. Junit is by far the most famous Unit testing framework and has become de-facto standard format. Moreover it has been an inspiration for other relatively new programming languages such as PyUnit for Python. The unit testing frameworks
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