Software Testing : What Is Software?

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Software Testing What is Software Testing? Software Testing is a process in which computer softwares are tested to see if they produce the results that they are expected to produce. It is a process of executing a program with the intention of finding software bugs. It provides us with information about the quality of the system/product/software we are testing. Testing can determine the correctness of the software under observation based on the system requirements but it cannot identify all the defects in the software. This is because testing is always done based on some criteria which include specifications, comparable products, previous versions of the same product, inferences about the expected product, user expectations, applicable laws, relevant standards, etc. Testing identifies software failures in order to discover and correct defects. Over the period of time, software testing has become more difficult because of the large number of operating systems, programming languages and hardware platforms that have evolved during the intervening decades. Software is enveloping, which raises the value of testing it. Today’s concept of computer is much more difficult to define due to the machines being more powerful and compact than the earlier devices. Almost every device that we use today contains software. They affect more people and businesses now than ever before. Software testing has also become easier in some ways because the large number of softwares and operating
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