Software and Programming Industry: Microsoft Corporation

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The company was developed by childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen, from at early age Gates, and his friend Paul quickly began to get related to computing and began to skip classes to stay in the computer room at school to write programs, read computer books and find out exactly how these machines worked. In the fall of 1973, Gates left for Harvard University and spent most of his time in the campus of computer center. A year after that, Paul Allen saw the first microcomputer on the cover of a magazine and bought the magazine and went immediately to show it to Gates and it was the Altair 8800 microcomputer, they realized the home PC business was about to explode and someone would need to provide software for the machines. Gates arranged for a meeting with the Altair manufacturers. He had called them to let them know he had a program written for them and after the appointment was made Gates and Allen stayed up for nights writing the program they had promised. It worked perfectly at the meeting, and everyone was impressed. They sold the program, and saw that this was something they could do for the rest of their life and within a year, Gates had dropped out of Harvard and Microsoft was formed. Allen came up with the original name of "Micro-Soft," by combining the…
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