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Software for Human Services Organization Paper In this paper we will explore the benefits of using this software to centralize electronic client records and human services resources. We will also explore how I might use the selected software to track client services as well as describe any advantages and disadvantages (if any) of using this particular software. We will explain how the size of the organization helps determine the software package chosen as well as three possible challenges that could occur during the implementation process and how we would resolve them. Client track is a software program used in the human services field to promote health, human and social service organization (Client Track , 2013). Client Track is an…show more content…
In outcomes tracking and goal setting the program evaluates client progress and program effectiveness, why tracking the progress toward goals using historical data recorded at different times points (Client Track , 2013). I would use the client track system when doing an intake of an individual because it uses the logic model response, which helps in quicker intakes as well as because it assist in asking further questions based only on information from previou responses. I would also use the tailored workflow, because it guides staff through the intake process and gathers only information that is needed and nothing else. The Client track program also puts all the information of a client into its data base and periodically refers back to certain time periods to keep track of individuals progress. It will also show with graphs and charts the imapct of of the sercices provided. It will automatically be intergrated within the Client Track Reporting Suite (Client Track , 2013). An advantage this program has would be how it can generate reports and produce committee, events and membership rosters. Staff can usually see and compare records at will and also see members recorded work. This program also allows the users to use charts graphys and also implement advanced security measures to make sure information is secured. Robust security and

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