Software for Human Services Organizations

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Software for Human Services Organizations Donna Good BSHS/375 September 30, 2013 Kari Siemieniewski Pierre, MSW, LCSW Software for Human Services Organizations Thanks to technology, the human service field could become more efficient. Electronic filing of client or patient information puts the information at the fingertips of all involved in the care of each individual. Before computers, client or patient files were hard paper copies that only one person could have access to at a time within one office unless a copy of this file was made for each professional involved in his or her case. Technology changed this by someone creating software, which stores all information on the client or patient. The case manager can have access to…show more content…
“ClientTrack software is capable of adapting to collaborations of all sorts and sizes” (Benefits...ClientTrack, 2013). It allows the human service professional to focus on clients instead of different programs. 3. Compliance – It is common for organizations to keep track of activities, adherence to rules, fulfillment of commitments, and obligations of each client. This is done not only for the organizations benefit, but also for reporting to stakeholders. ClientTrack simplifies data management and saves valuable time. “[It’s] solutions provide common social service compliance reports and processes that are automatically updated as compliance needs change” (Benefits...ClientTrack, 2013). 4. Outcomes – Focusing on the right case management behavior to impact positively the lives of the clients is what ClientTrack solutions do. Measuring the outcomes of the organization evaluate the program effectiveness, improve services, and strengthen fundraising by showcasing evidence of the impact of the programs the organizations provides for the community (Benefits...ClientTrack, 2013). B. Uses 5. Professional Implementation – Anyone can look like an expert using this technology and the results are amazing as well as professional. 6. Comprehensive Analysis – No complicated analyzing necessary. This system makes it easy and does this faster than doing
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