Software in the ‘New’ Middle Class in the ‘New India’ by Carol Upadhya

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Software in the ‘New’ Middle Class in the ‘New India’ by Carol Upadhya

In our reading this week, Carol Upadhya writes about the emergence of a “‘new’ middle class in the ‘New India’” It emphasizes about how India’s old middle class has given way to the new middle class in the past 15 to 20 years. The new middle class has become the center of attraction in the consumer market in Indian cities due to the rising incomes. The landscapes of many metro cities in India have changed dramatically overnight with posh localities, malls and luxury cars thriving the markets and choking the existing roads. Though the origins of middle class can be traced to colonial period it stared dominating under the post-Independence Nehruvian regime. This old middle class was dependent on public –sector jobs but the new middle class is booming due to the fast growing private sector and globalised economy.
Carol tells us about the change in ideological and cultural orientations of the middle class, which have led to a huge success in the IT sector, making India an integral part of the global industry. There are other facets regarding the IT industry as well. Not only has it enhanced the upper middle class’ economic power by providing new job opportunities, it has also opened gates into the middle class for those from lower classes. Now to lead a luxurious middle class lifestyle one has to get the necessary qualifications and land a job as a software engineer. The parents of most software engineers
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