Software to Support Assessment

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There are many types of software available to help with student assessments; which are important for teachers to understand how the students are learning. Using software to complete student assessments allows students the opportunity to engage themselves in the assessment (Shelly, G, Gunter, G, and Gunter, R (2012). Some software used to assess students is Google Forms, Socrative, and electronic surveys such as survey monkey; technology plays an important role in assessing students. Teachers can use technology to help them assess the way there students are learning in the classroom. Technology can help teachers offer the students surveys or online quizzes which would offer the teacher immediate feedback on how much of the content is being retained by the students. This can help a teacher to understand if the lesson plan needs to be reworked or if there is a group of students that may require extra help. The following software offers teachers the ability to evaluate student data, offer a student response system, as well as electronic surveys. Google Forms Google forms are used as a template for student surveys. This program can be used to see how students comprehend a book that is being read as well as to give surveys to better understand ones students (Curts, E, 2013). This program offers feedback to the teacher in the form of spreadsheets and allows the teacher to see how the students are learning; this can help the teacher to redirect the lesson plan if needed.
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