Software to Support Assessments Essay

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The production of technology has transpired as an aid within the educational sector. Technology has now become the teaching and learning dynamic of the twenty-first century and it will begin to broaden beyond this point. Technology has given the educational sector tools that will assist in teaching and learning, but through software that is able is support assessment in the classroom. This proposal will present the difference between formative and summative assessments giving an understanding on how technology can be used to facilitate both assessments. The proposal will also present ways in which technology facilitates ongoing efforts to assess student learning. Technology also provides pros and cons to learning and this will be…show more content…
This type of software enables the students to effectively learn, but also allows the teacher to analyze results as a self-reflective process for each student. A summative assessment focuses on the students’ learning abilities, but in a different standpoint. Summative assessments show the overall effectiveness of a course instruction. The objective of this assessment is to assess student’s competencies through an entire school year. This assessment shapes how teachers organize their course of instruction, usually given at the end of a course to evaluate student’s progression (Swearingen, 2002). This type of assessment can be facilitated through computer-based exams. Standardize tests like the ACT and SAT in South Carolina are national board exams that tests student’s strengths and weakness in particular subject areas, to provide data for teachers to understand student’s deficiencies. These tests also give the overall result of the effectiveness of an academic program to ensure proficient learning is properly implemented. Summative assessments are to provide teachers with the necessary information to comprehend student learning that is relative to content standards. However, there are ways that technology facilitates these ongoing assessments through concepts and instructional approaches. Facilitating technology into the classroom is an enduring effect that keeps students focused by implementing positive benefits. The
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