Soichiro Honda – Innovative Leader

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Individual Paper One 1 Individual Paper One Soichiro Honda – Innovative Leader Individual Paper One 2 The story of Soichiro Honda is a good example of innovative leader that overcame traditional thinking and recognized opportunities that other didn’t think were possible to implement. “Soichiro Honda created a motor vehicle industry when it should have been impossible. The time for that was the turn of the century, when Ford, Peugeot, and Daimler were created. Shipbuilding magnate Henry J. Kaiser tried to break into the auto business in 1947, and lasted only a decade. The territory was taken, transportation was a mature industry, and its giants wanted no new competitors. By mid-century, one man could no longer create…show more content…
“He did not pursue the socially correct compromise path of consensus decision-making. He was everywhere in the flesh, checking the progress of R&D projects, visiting production shops, helping workers to assemble an engine, injecting his own views, asking questions. Honda 's way was to overturn the conventional to seek ideas so simple that traditional thinkers had overlooked them. In Soichiro Honda 's view, engineering was not just applied science; it was imagination made real and useful. What do you need? We 'll make it. To make these things, Honda also changed marketing methods, and manufacturing. High quality comes from a creative combination of design for use and design for manufacturing, all aimed to hit a specific market need. A product that can be made in easy steps can be made well, and a product that does its job reliably pleases its users” (American Honda, 2009). Another innovative idea by Honda Motors was its marketing campaign in the late 50’s; they used a brand new approach for motorcycles market. The new slogan for small inexpensive bikes was "You meet the nicest people on a Honda," to go away from the stereotype of bikers during that period. Though the small bikes were dismissed by the dominant American and British manufacturers of the time, the inexpensive imports brought new riders into motorcycling and changed the industry forever in the United States. From the success in the motorcycle

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