Sojourner Truth And Louisa May Alcott

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During the eighteenth and nineteenth century, American Literature was considered to be of insignificant quality compared to that of English Literature, and was rarely recognized in the literary world. However, this opinion did eventually change because of the success of some very creative American authors. Sojourner Truth and Louisa May Alcott were two women who not only produced unforgettable works of literature and presented powerful speeches, but also had a monumental impact on American Literature as well as American history. These women represent the unique American spirit because of their bravery and determination for their voices to be heard for what they believed in during a time when women were meant to be seen but not heard. The literary world during this time period was dominated by men, but the world was changing, and women began to make a name for themselves as creative and legitimate writers. During the time in history women were also fighting for their rights to be heard and treated equally among men. Also, the issue of slavery was at its peak as the country became divided behind the issue, and the prospect of a civil war was becoming more of a reality. Sojourner Truth was born in Upstate New York in 1797 (Baym 804). She was not born into a life of privilege or ease. Truth could not read or write, but she became one of the most influential speakers of the time (Baym 801). She fought for the abolishment of slavery, as well as the rights of women (Baym 801).

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